She’s a beauty – Callisto

The name Callisto means “most beautiful” and this new introduction from Krug will not disappoint!  Check out the beauty with all of her clean lines, comfortable seats and versatile options.


An extensive collection of newly-designed seating for task, managerial and meeting room applications, Callisto has above all else been engineered to provide a comfortable and supportive seating experience. The back and seat forms were created using anthropomorphic research and leading-edge modeling software, giving Callisto shape and contours that lessen muscle fatigue during extended periods of sitting. And Callisto’s proprietary synchro-tilt mechanism automatically adjusts tilt tension with the user’s individual body weight, simultaneously providing optimal movement and support through a full range of positions.




With great features like breathable mesh (available on back and seat), an adjustable lumbar support, a self adjusting synchro mechanism and multiple arm and base options.  There is definitely a Callisto that is is the perfect fit for your next project!

Take a seat!
~ the SEC Crew


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